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Bridal Gown Guidance with Sposa Wedding World

This is the moment that most girls dream of from a young age (or at least since that third date). It's a time we all look forward to, and it's finally here. So how can you ensure that you have the perfect wedding dress shopping experience?

Thankfully we have expert wedding gown connoisseur Edie from Sposa Wedding World! Edie has been in the industry for 10 years and knows her stuff. The Sposa boutique was recently named the best bridal store in New Westminster, B.C. for 2020 by Quality Business Awards (see that here: But if you ask anyone in town, they have been the best for a very long time! Keep reading to see Edie's top tips!

Sposa Wedding World
Sposa Wedding World

What is the First Step in Selecting a Wedding Dress at Sposa Wedding World?

When you first begin your adventure for that perfect wedding gown, you may be a little overwhelmed by the choices! There's the different necklines to consider, the selection of silhouettes available, do you want sleeves? Where do you start? Experts say to first find your inspiration...

Edie advises "Look at different styles that you're attracted to. Find if you want straps or sparkles or a tight fitting gown. Look at magazines and pictures online to decide if you're feeling a more traditional style, or a bohemian style, or perhaps an elegant bridal style. See what calls out to you and what you love, that is a great place to start".

Sposa Wedding World
Sposa Wedding World

Will I Know When I Find the One?

We've all watched "Say Yes to the Dress" or at least heard of it. Brides shop for a bit, they try on many styles and seem to go through an emotional rollercoaster before finding "the one". While not everyone will have the same reaction, we all get that "feeling" that brides talk about, yes it's real. But don't take it as a sign if you don't cry.

"When a bride finds 'the one' I can usually see it in their body language. Their posture changes, they smile and relax, and overall are more comfortable, but not everyone cries which doesn't mean that they aren't just as happy as a bride that does. - Says Edie

Sposa Wedding World
Sposa Wedding World

Should I Take My Wedding Venue into Consideration When Looking for a Dress?

Before you start shopping for your gown, take into consideration your venue and overall wedding theme. Whether you're going for the casual intimate wedding in the garden, or the formal romantic affair, this approach will help tie everything together. But if you are doing that beach destination wedding and have always wanted to wear a ballgown, thankfully you can! Our experts at Sposa Wedding World say that wedding gowns are being made in lighter fabrics now and they would be perfect for a warm sunny beach even though at first glance it may not look that way. It's always good to tell your consultant a little bit about your wedding day so that they can really find you that perfect dress.

"You want to find something that doesn't pull focus from you on your day, because you are the focal point" - Edie

Sposa Wedding World
Sposa Wedding World

Who Should I Bring for My Shopping Entourage?

There's no doubt we all have our loved ones we want to bring along like our parents, siblings, cousins and grandparents and many others whom we would love to share this fabulous and momentous experience with. But if you've ever tried to get a crowd to agree about where to go for dinner, you already have an idea of how difficult it might be to get a large group to agree on a wedding gown. As much as they all love you, they all have different ideas and opinions of what they see you as. Your best friend might have you convinced on that low neckline for a gown to show off that beautiful figure, but your mother in law may have a more conservative view. Whatever their ideas for you, remember to keep your group too a minimum. Less people, means less opinions.

Edie has a great rule of thumb for selecting those in your wedding dress shopping group "Bring someone you trust, people you know that are very positive and come from a place of love. Those are the people that will elevate you and guide you in the right direction".

Sposa Wedding World
Sposa Wedding World

Will the Sposa Team Recommend What is Best for My Silhouette?

Ideally the final decision on your wedding gown will be based on what you love, your overall style, and what you want. One more thing to consider is what flatters your body most. Just like our wardrobe, we all have that outfit that makes us feel great! You want to feel that amazing feeling on the day of your wedding too.

Edie says "We absolutely take into consideration the bride's silhouette, but of course our priority is what makes her feel comfortable, beautiful, and most important, make her feel like herself".

Sposa Wedding World
Sposa Wedding World

How Long Before My Wedding Should I Start Shopping for my Dress?

Every newly engaged girl is going to be super excited to start the wedding dress shopping experience. While your wedding date may seem like ages away (that is if you have a date) it is important to know how long a shop will take to have your wedding dress in for you. Don't leave it too long so you can avoid rush fees, but also doing it too soon can leave many room for changes in your ideas, wants, or you may even be doing pre wedding workouts which might change the size.

Expert Edie suggests "At least a year in advance is ideal. Before the pandemic it was a little faster, about six to seven months for it to come in. Now with Covid delays, dresses are taking a little bit longer between ten to twelve months"

In conclusion, there are many things to take into consideration when beginning this wonderful journey, just keep in mind to trust your consultant. They want you to be happy too!

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