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Wedding Stationery Vancouver

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the questions we get asked the most! Save yourself some time and hassle by reading the below before you reach out. If you don't see your question here, please contact us!

Where Are You Located?
Our office is located in located in Vancouver, Canada, but we offer services around the globe with vendor connections in beautiful places to plan you a celebration almost anywhere.

What is The Bridal Bar? The Bridal Bar is a one stop wedding shop! With planning to floral and decor and even bridal accessories and gifts! Check it out here: The Bridal Bar Shop

How Far In Advance Can We Book?
All full service weddings require a minimum of 90 days notice. We are always willing to offer flexibility when possible depending on the scale of your event.

Do I Need a Coordinator or a Planner? You can determine whether or not you need a planner or a coordinator by reaching out to us! Let us know what you want and we will tell you which package is right for you.

Do You Book Travel for Destination Weddings?
Yes we do! We will arrange for everything including  the car services for you and your guests. This also means on the day of your wedding to take you to and from the ceremony venue. Should you require assistance in booking travel we have referrals we can provide you with. If you would like a list of our destinations, click HERE for our brochure.

What is a Micro Wedding?
Micro Weddings are complete weddings with all the bells and whistles, just on a smaller scale. For those that want the intricate and curated details in a modest setting, then this is a great option. Micro Weddings typically cater towards 40-50 of your nearest and dearest. Many people mistake Micro Weddings for being "cheaper". They only save you in catering costs as you will have a smaller guest list. Want a price? Click HERE for our brochure.

What Languages are Your Services Offered In?
We love our diverse team! We have planning available in English, Farsi, and Punjabi. Our coordinators who will work the day of your wedding and be the ones assisting your families can speak English, French, Punjabi, Farsi and Mandarin. Let us know if you have any special requests!

What Are Pop-Up Weddings?
If you would like to get married as soon as possible, without wasting any time planning then this is a great option for you. Just tell your guests the time and place and we will set it up! Pop-Up Weddings are for up to 10-20 of your loved ones. Want a price? Click HERE for our brochure.

What Are Elopement Weddings?
Elopement weddings are a special and intimate ceremony for just the couple to be together and tie the knot without any concern of inviting others. This will be a private and memorable experience for just the two of you to share. You may require witnesses depending on the location of the marriage. Want a price? Click HERE for our brochure.

Will You Publish My Photos Anywhere?
You have the right to your privacy and we respect that. If you do not want us posting your photos, just let us know.

We Have a Specific Vendor, Can We Use Them?
We will always recommend our most trustworthy vendors, however if you have a specific photographer, an officiant or another vendor that you prefer, we are more than happy to work with them.

Do You Plan All Wedding Events?
Yes, If you want us to plan your bridal shower, engagement party, and even book your dress appointments, we will take care of all of these details for you. See Our Services page for more information.

Do You Offer Payment Plans?
Absolutely! We understand that weddings can be expensive, and not everyone can pay everything all at once. We require a $500 to book and secure your date, after which the remaining payment is due 90 days after the initial deposit.

Do You Plan Corporate Events?
Yes! While our main focus is weddings, we also plan corporate events and funerals. We plan events of all types as well as provide the flowers! See our floral services page when you Click Here

Do You Plan Honeymoons?
We do plan honeymoon occasions for couples that have booked weddings with us. This is discussed and decided with your wedding planner. Please be advised this does not include your transportation.

Do I Have to Use Your Floral & Decor? 
No! We offer this service as a convenience for the couple. If you wish to book floral and decor elsewhere then that is completely up to you! We don't put pressure on anyone to book specific vendors, we only offer our recommendations.

Will You Come to My Rehearsal? Wedding Planners will attend rehearsals for Full Planning clients. Partial Planning and Day of Coordinator packages can have the planner at their rehearsal upon request. Please understand this is depending on availability and is subject to an additional fee. We do also offer any booked clients a FREE Rehearsal Consultation on how to properly conduct your rehearsal and how to get the most out of it!

Do You Charge Different Costs Per Season?
We strongly believe in offering fair and consistent pricing for our clients, therefore we do not charge seasonal mark-ups or high weekend costs. We take client-planner trust as a high priority and are 100% transparent on all fees.

Will My Planner be at My Wedding? Wedding Planers only attend weddings for Partial and Full Planning. Wedding Coordinators will be your point of contact for any Day of Coordinator, Elopements or Pop-Up Weddings.

Do Your Weddings Come with Wedding Insurance?
We do not sell wedding insurance, however we do work closely with specific companies that we recommend for your insurance needs.

What if it Rains?
Not to worry! As we are professional wedding planners, we will always look ahead to ensure we work out a plan B with you in advance if we are in any way concerned it will rain on your special day.

What Does a Wedding Planner Do?
A wedding planner is all about the logistics! From vendor referrals to contract negotiations to the execution of your perfect day. Planners are professionally trained with either a certification or a degree in planning or management. 

What Does a Wedding Coordinator Do?
Wedding Coordinators are your "go-to" people on the day of your wedding or special occasion. They will have received specific instructions from the planner of what they have to do. While the planner may be onsite the day of, the lead coordinator will be in charge. 

How Do You Handle Covid-19 Concerns?

During these difficult times, we understand there is added stress. We are here to make this as easy of a process as it has to be. That's why you hire a planner, so that we take care of the non-fun stuff! Please share any Covid-19 concerns with your planner and we will assist accordingly.

Still Have Questions?
Contact us using the contact page by clicking here or email us at

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