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Beyond Expectations: The Bridal Bar's Photoshoot Graces the Pages of Today's Bride

The Bridal Bar, renowned for their exceptional wedding planning expertise in Vancouver, has recently achieved a remarkable milestone – a stunning photoshoot we orchestrated was featured in the pages of Today's Bride magazine. We are brimming with excitement and honour as we bask in the thrill of our publication, an accomplishment that underscores our exceptional creative vision and dedication to crafting unforgettable moments.

Todays Bride Magazine

Titled "Peachy Skies - contrasting colours sometimes work better than you'd think - like sky blue and sweet peach," this ethereal photoshoot showcased the exquisite talents of various professionals we work with, each contributing to the symphony of elegance and romance that unfolded within the pages of the magazine.

Framing Elegance: Eunice Kwok's Artistry Unveiled in Todays Bride

The visionary behind the lens, Eunice Kwok, our lovely wedding photographer, lent her distinct artistic perspective to the project. Eunice envisioned a grand and modern celebration, utilizing the newly opened ARRAS as the perfect backdrop. A delicate and timeless colour palette of peach and light blue set the tone for the shoot, reflecting a blend of fun, romance, and refined elegance. Custom fabric strips adorned the dining table, artfully juxtaposing floral and solid colours to create an eye-catching and cost-effective centerpiece. Culinary delights from the ARRAS menu graced the scene, adding a touch of gastronomic allure.

Eunice's eye for fashion resonated through the bride and groom's attire. The groom's classic black tuxedo was tastefully accentuated with a distinctive floral boutonniere encased in metal, adding a modern twist to tradition. The bride's shimmering A-line dress, complemented by a pearl cape veil and unique accessories, exuded modern elegance. The delicate interplay of details was captured flawlessly, a testament to Eunice's dedication to incorporating every nuance of the shoot.

Crafting Floral Poetry: Petalino Flower Bar's Artistry in Full Bloom

Petalino Flower Bar, another luminary in the wedding industry, seamlessly integrated their expertise into the creative process. Inspired by the venue's airy ambiance, Petalino curated a delicate and romantic floral design that perfectly complemented the surroundings. Vintage-style flatware and cracked glass salad plates added a touch of sophistication, while a white matte satin tablecloth allowed the soft blues, blushes, and peaches to shine vibrantly. The pièce de résistance, a custom floral backdrop, adorned the scene, enhancing the overall aesthetic and adding a touch of enchantment. To top off her vision for uniqueness, the sweltering temperatures at the time inspired her to create a floral fan, which proved stunning in the end!

As Petalino Flower Bar brought their floral vision to life, the crisp white venue walls served as a blank canvas, allowing the delicate chiffon drapery and floral panels to truly shine.

The culmination of the artistic visions of Eunice Kwok and Petalino Flower Bar resulted in a captivating and elegant masterpiece. Today's Bride magazine recognized this extraordinary collaboration, highlighting the seamless fusion of contrasting colours and timeless elegance. We are humbled by this recognition, and our excitement knows no bounds.

Partner with The Bridal Bar for Your Next Special Moment

In conclusion, The Bridal Bar extends their heartfelt gratitude to Today's Bride for featuring our remarkable photoshoot. With a sense of pride and enthusiasm, we invite those seeking to stage a stunning photo shoot or plan an unforgettable wedding to connect with us. Our expertise, creativity, and unwavering commitment to crafting dreams into reality make us the perfect partner for those seeking a touch of magic on their special day.

Todays Bride Magazine


Planning: The Bridal Bar

Caterer: Arras Vancouver

Photographer: Chuunice Photography

Videographer: Farawayland Weddings

Gown: Eva Lendel

Jewellery: Luxia Jewelry


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