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Wedding Day Spray Tans: The Do's and Don'ts!

What is the difference between getting a spray tan with a spray artist or using a DIY home product?

Booking an appointment with a spray tan artist allows you to get the perfect glow for your wedding day. As a spray tan artist it’s our job to customize the perfect shade for your skin. Most spray tan artists use an airbrush gun allowing a flawless application with no streaks and no areas missed, leaving you with a glowing tan. At home products can sometimes be messy and it’s hard to get to certain areas on the body. When choosing an at home self tanning product make sure to do a patch test to see how the colour develops.

Do I really need a trial spray tan and if so how far in advance should I get my trial spray done?

No you don’t need one but it looks fabulous! Most brides book a trial hair and makeup appointment, adding on a pre spray tan is a great idea to see how the tan develops. Most of my bridal clientele book a trial before their bridal shower or bachelorette as a way to test it out.

Will my makeup appear too dark if I put makeup on top of my spray tan?

Your makeup artist will colour match any foundation or concealer to the shade/tone of your skin for your wedding day. This is why it's best to get your makeup trial done around the same time as your spray tan trial. Let your makeup artist know you will be getting a spray tan. One of the best things about a custom spray tan is you can come in for a light glow so your makeup won’t appear darker, your skin will be glowing in your wedding dress and photos will really pop!

How long before my wedding day should I get the actual tan done?

It’s best to book an appointment 2-3 days before your wedding. This allows the tan to properly set with your skin.

Will the tan transfer to my wedding dress?

The solutions I spray tan with are water based not oil based, meaning no transferring onto your clothes or your wedding dress! It’s important to ask your spray tan artist about the ingredients they use in their sunless tanning solution.

Will you recommend the appropriate colour for my skin tone?

Absolutely! During our consultation we will go over a few questions about your skin care and how often you naturally tan in the sun. We also discuss how dark or light you want to go with your tone.

Thank-you to @hunniglowtans for her expert advice!


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