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Stanley Park Pavilion Perfection: The Bridal Bar’s Elegance in Reegen and Harry’s Vancouver Wedding

Stanley Park Pavilion Wedding

In the heart of Vancouver, where mountains meet the sea, love blossomed for Reegen and Harry. Originally from the US, this lovely couple embarked on a journey leading them to the stunning Stanley Park Pavilion. In this love-filled symphony, The Bridal Bar, renowned for its elegance and expertise, flawlessly curated the perfect notes.


Setting the Scene: A Yacht First Look before the Stanley Park Pavilion Wedding

Before heading to Stanley Park Pavilion, the wedding day began with a magical first look on their yacht docked at Coal Harbour, capturing the essence of their love story against the breathtaking backdrop of Vancouver’s skyline.


Capturing Moments: Thomas Bullock’s Lens

Thomas Bullock, a renowned fashion photographer, immortalized every moment with his lens, ensuring that the memories created that day would be cherished for a lifetime. However, orchestrating a ceremony in Stanley Park's public space posed challenges. The diligent staff at The Bridal Bar ensured a seamless experience, gently guiding pedestrians through the public space and maintaining the intimate atmosphere.


The Perfect Blend

The bride’s delicate dress and bouquet, combined with the earthy tones of the bridal party, perfectly complemented the rustic charm of the Stanley Park Pavilion. The outdoor ceremony, set against the grass, provided a grounded and serene atmosphere. Mayor Mark Sager, a close friend, lent a personal touch to the ceremony, officiating the union with warmth and sincerity. The transition to the indoor reception brought forth a celebration filled with love, laughter, dinner, dancing, and a beautiful cake.


Personal Touches: The Reception Details

The reception was a testament to Reegen’s impeccable taste and dedication to personalizing her special day. The charming cocktail hour featured a unique seating chart hanging on the wall, adding a touch of creativity. The bride’s request for a “Selfie Station” with an LED light showcased the couple’s personality and added a playful element to the celebration.


DIY Magic: Transforming the Venue

With a keen eye for detail, Reegen transformed the venue with DIY decor, ensuring every aspect reflected her vision. The removal of the venue’s faux greenery, a few rugs and other decor provided a clean slate for her creativity. Behind the bar, a transformation occurred as vintage milk jugs and vases replaced standard displays, creating a cozy living room vibe.


A Picture Perfect Photo Table

Reegen supplied an abundance of photos capturing cherished moments. This extensive collection adorned a carefully curated photo table, skillfully overseen by a coordinator who doubled as an interior designer. The florist, a close friend of Reegen's, added the final touch with exquisite floral arrangements that harmonized seamlessly with the neutral and earthy tones of the bridal party's dresses. The table showcased snapshots of the couple in their younger years, with their families, and moments that defined their journey together, creating a captivating visual narrative of their love story.

Stanley Park Pavilion Wedding


The Bridal Bar: Crafting Timeless Endings

As the sun set on Reegen and Harry’s magical day, The Bridal Bar stood as the orchestrator of dreams, ensuring every detail was executed with precision and care. If you’re planning your wedding and envision a day as unique and personal as Reegen and Harry’s, The Bridal Bar invites you to make your dream wedding a reality.

Contact us today, and let’s start planning the celebration of a lifetime together. Your love story deserves to be told in the most enchanting way possible.


Planning: The Bridal Bar  

Rentals: Pedersen's

Photographer: Thomas Bullock

Photo Booth: Ritz Limo

Officiant: Mark Sager


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