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How to Plan a Wedding: A TBB Bride's Perspective

Hello, Zandra here, my now-husband and I got married on July 1st and had the perfect day thanks to The Bridal Bar team!

how to plan a wedding

I’m a vegan lifestyle blogger and a business owner based out of Calgary and The Bridal Bar asked me to write a blog post from a bride’s perspective. I am very excited to share my incredible wedding day with some tips on "how to plan a wedding" and I’ve added some of my tips and learnings from the experience!

How to Plan a Wedding Step 1: The Venue

Choosing the venue and wedding date was the most important part of our planning process. It allowed us to visualise every other detail and start hiring other vendors. 

It has always been my dream to have a wedding venue with a villa on the property. When we found Oak Estate Winery it really was a dream come true. We really wanted that wow factor when our guests walked in and the vineyard and lake views gave exactly that. Our venue was one of the best decisions we made and it set the tone for the day.

It’s important to find a venue that has a team of people who are excited to make your day extra special. The Bridal Bar team has worked with our venue many times so we felt good knowing we had people we could trust and had the experience.

How to Plan a Wedding Step 2: The Vibe

One thing that really helped the planning process was choosing how we wanted our wedding day to look and feel. We wanted it to feel luxurious, modern, and classy with a touch of glam.

This is where Pinterest will become your best friend! Save what you love and share it with The Bridal Bar team as early as you can to see what is possible and what fits your budget.

Figuring out the ‘vibe’, if you will, helped me decide on my dress, decor, and florals and then The Bridal Bar team helped me to pull it all together.

Make the most of your planning meetings by having all of this ready ahead of time!

How to Plan a Wedding Step 3: Nailing The First Look

It’s tough to decide whether to do a first look or not but it ended up being a highlight of our wedding day. The entire day went by so fast and we loved having that special moment just the two of us to soak it all in and get the nerves out before walking down the aisle.

It’s also a great time to do some extra photos while your makeup is fresh!

It felt like there were so many things to plan and schedule into one day and we were so grateful to have The Bridal Bar schedule it all and manage our vendors too!

How to Plan a Wedding Step 4: "To be traditional or not to be?"

During our planning process and imagining how our day would look, we found ourselves questioning a lot of wedding traditions. For example, why does the groom always stand on the right? My left is my good side…

The Bridal Bar team helped me answer a lot of these questions and the best part is that it’s your wedding and you can do whatever you want!

We ended up doing a cake cutting because it’s a traditional wedding thing to do but it didn’t really hold any meaning for us and while our cake was super cute, we had to throw most of it out. If we did it over again we would take that part out.

how to plan a wedding

It’s hard to capture the whole day here so I tried to choose what could be the most helpful for your wedding day planning!

There are so many details that go into a wedding and I can’t emphasize enough how helpful it was to have a team of people who you can rely on and have done it all before. From helping with vendors, scheduling the day, giving advice and being there on the wedding day, hiring The Bridal Bar team is another decision we would make again.


Planning: The Bridal Bar  

Designer: The Bridal Bar

Photography & Videography: The Augusts

Quartet: Martin Kratky

Photobooth: Flash & Frame


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