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How to Look Flawless for Your Adventure Wedding Photos

The Chilko Experience

From horseback riding through meadows and hiking mountain peaks to kayaking into the sunset, an adventure elopement is not your average wedding. The preferred choice for adventurous, active couples with muddy boots and mucky fingernails, there’s no reason you shouldn’t look imperfectly perfect in your wedding photos!

Carly McMahon, the event coordinator at The Chilko Experience Wilderness Resort, is here with some handy hints and tips for looking gorgeous in your adventure wedding photos.

If you’ve been using social media for all of your wedding inspo, you have likely spotted flawless influencers atop a rocky mountain, with not a hair out of place. We know that for the real daredevils and adventurers out there, looking imperfect is a big part of who we are - but that doesn’t mean we can’t look good! To truly personalize your wedding style, you can still look your best while embracing your wild side.

Here’s how to create the perfect balance for your wedding look, while having the adventure of a lifetime!

Read below for our top tips on how to dazzle at your adventure wedding.

1. Dress for Your Location

Stilettos or sandals add a touch of elegance to a wedding dress, but aren’t too practical for a hiking elopement. Embrace your comfy, well-worn boots, or match your bouquet to your favourite rain jacket. Personal items help to break out of that cookie-cutting wedding vibe and make it all about YOU!

2. Be Prepared

The perfect wedding photographs are usually taken in hard to reach places, like mountain tops or secret waterfalls. If you have a trek on your hands before saying “cheese”, packing a small bag of essentials will save your bacon! A quick touch up after a hike through tangled woods or a boat ride on a hot day can help disguise a sweat or fix a cow lick. Think: mattifying powder, lipstick, travel hairspray, bobby pins, compact mirror and other accessories that might come in handy!

3. Choose a 'Trek-Proof' Hair Style

Luckily for us wild children, loose, tousled wedding looks are totally on-point! Flyaway hairs, messy up-dos and loosened braids will only be enhanced with a bit of weather and hard work. You get to enjoy doing your outdoorsy thing while the great outdoors styles you “undone”. Perfect!

4. Take it Easy

Even unstoppable forces of nature have to take a break every now and then, and so should you! Speak to anyone who’s been married and they will tell you their wedding day was over in a flash, so be sure to take it easy. Enjoy every viewpoint, every scramble, every bird and every moment with your partner, and remember the adventure forever. When you reach your destination, you’ll feel serene, energized and ready to strike a pose!

5. Don’t Trek in Your Wedding Dress!

If the setting for your wedding photography session is atop a mountain, through a bog or past a forest, it’s likely some damage is going to be done to your outfits. Dress for your activity, then don your finest once you get to your destination. It’s all about creating the perfect balance and making sure you’re calm and stress-free on your wedding day.

6. Give Yourself Up to the Forces of Nature:

Mother Nature is a fickle mistress, and there are some things that can’t be controlled, no matter how hard we plan. When life throws you a thunderstorm, dance in the rain. This is an adventure wedding, so go with the flow and ENJOY YOURSELF! Those exasperated laughs and flyaway hairs will create the perfect authentic moments you’ll remember forever.


"Whatever adventure your heart desires, you’re sure to find it at The Chilko Experience Wilderness Resort, where a plethora of heart-racing activities are included in your wedding package."

-Carly McMahon



Photos taken by Laureen Carruthers Photography

Floral by Vivid & Co. Floristry

Planning by Something Borrowed Events


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