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Floral Advice From the Expert

Setting out to look for your perfect wedding day flowers can be a little daunting at first. There are so many options, from colours, to styles, they are all very beautiful. So where do you start? Luckily Lois Keane from Vancouver, B.C. answered some of those difficult questions when you begin the search for your floral favourites.

What Is Your Professional Advice For Brides Starting to Search for Their Wedding Florist?

"The most important thing is that a couple feels connected to their florist" - Keane says. Read the reviews of florists on your wedding planning site. Check out their pictures. Look at their website, their Instagram posts. Meet with the florists that stand out. You will just know it when you connect.

2. What Is the First Thing to Consider When Looking for Wedding Flowers?

Be visual. Look through lots of pictures on Pinterest and Instagram and florist’s websites for different sources of inspiration. "See which pictures keep you coming back" - Advises Keane. Which photos pull your attention? Bright bouquets or cascading bouquets? Maybe a simple green and white blend? When you begin to imagine these flowers on your wedding day, then you will have a concrete idea to convey to your florist, and that gives you a great place to start.

3. Should I Go With the Season?

With the ever growing farm-to-table movement, the world is becoming increasingly concerned about sustainability each year, and sourcing your floral designs locally is a great idea if you are wanting your wedding to be on the more environmentally friendly side. Seasonal and local flowers are a good idea for a couple of reasons. If you choose to buy flowers that are in season, there is a higher chance they will be sourced locally, which avoids a huge transportation footprint. Be sure to ask your florist which flowers may be more eco-friendly.

4. Should I Take My Dress Style Into Consideration When Choosing My Bouquet?

Absolutely! Your bouquet should complement your dress. Show your florist a picture of your dress (or one similar if you don't want your S.O to see) when you discuss the design of your bouquet. Your bouquet should sit well with your dress, so that you can carry it with ease and confidence.

5. Is There a Rule of Thumb to Follow When Considering a Colour Theme?

You may already have a favourite colour, start with that for your bouquet and choose your bridesmaids' dress colour that will complement your bouquet colours. Look online for inspiration. See what colours complement each other - how flowers can pop against a bridesmaid's dress or just have a subtle contrast with the dress.

6. Is the Venue Something to Consider When Choosing Flowers?

The venue is definitely something to think about when choosing your floral decor and overall look for your special day. For example, your venue may have high ceilings and lots of natural light, or it may be enclosed with dark colours. Discuss the venue (including backdrops, chair covers, linen) with your florist, so that you give your flowers the focus they deserve.

7. What Is a Realistic Budget to Set?

Your budget is always the important bottom line when planning your wedding. Of course every couple will have a different budget. Keane says for your bouquet plan to spend between $150 and $400.

After All...

"This is your day to make your heart really sing. So if there is a flower or a colour that really makes you happy, we love to help you incorporate those into your special day" - Lois Keane

Lois Keane has been a floral designer in Vancouver for over twenty years and works with clients throughout the Lower Mainland. This includes wedding décor, corporate accounts, interior design, and individual requests. See her website here:


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