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Wedding Day Fitness

Michelle Roots is an experienced health and fitness instructor who has worked with many professional athletes, celebrities, elite sports teams and many other high end clientele. She also specializes in training everyday people that have the potential to train just as hard as athletes and reach the goals they set for themselves. Michelle was awarded Canada's Top Fitness Trainer by Impact Magazine in 2018 and 2020,

Keep reading to see Michelle's top tips on how to feel great and at your best on your wedding day.


Do You Find That Many Brides Workout Before Their Wedding Day?

Yes, I have had many new personal training clients walk into my studio saying "I'm getting married in (enter time frame here) and I want to look my best - help!

What Type of Nutritional Advice Do You Recommend?

I recommend the same nutrition advice I do to all of my personal training and group fitness clients, and that is to practice healthy balance.  I do not recommend going on low calorie, zero carb, starvation type diets leading up to the big day.  This would always depend on how much time we have before their big day as well as how large the weight loss goal is; however, I never recommend doing anything too drastic to lose weight and prefer to help brides-to-be find a way of eating that is healthy and sustainable long term. Why? because then they can keep it up after the wedding and continue to look and feel their best through the honeymoon and more!

What Should Brides Avoid Doing or Eating During this Time?

I don't believe in restrictive diets so I wouldn't say there is anything they shouldn't be eating.  If they really want to see results, I would suggest focusing on tracking their food intake (more importantly macronutrients), drinking at minimum of 2 litres of water each day, reduce alcohol and sugar (not completely cut out - just reduce to once a week).  

Are There Any Good Fitness Apps You Recommend to Help Brides Stay on Track?

Self Plug - I have a great fitness app I have trained many clients with that provides accountability, nutrition coaching, personalized online training, or a whole bunch of 30 minute follow along workouts that can be done from anywhere.  I also recommend using MyFitnessPal to track their nutrition daily and help learn more about their macronutrient intake each day.  Tracking your food intake each day will help keep brides on track and hold them accountable to what they are eating each day.  

How Soon Before the Big Day Should a Bride Start Working Out?

I always say there is no time like the present.  The motto of my business is "Train 4 Life and Be Ready 4 Anything", meaning fitness and healthy eating is a lifestyle and should not be a quick fix.  I truly believe that if you find healthy balance and a way to fit fitness into your life a few times per week (not 7 days per week), that you enjoy, that makes you feel good, and continues to challenge you; you will not have to worry about gaining and losing weight on a regular basis.  If you have a wedding coming up and you have not yet started, what are you waiting for?  don't do it just to look amazing in your dress, do it because it will make you feel better, help reduce stress that comes with planning a wedding, help get your body strong and fit if you plan to have babies at any point post-wedding, and just overall provide a healthier lifestyle.

Do You Recommend Getting the Dress in the "Goal Size"?

I recommend buying a smaller dress size if you plan on dropping some inches, as this might be a great motivator and also save you money on alterations when you reach your goal lol!  Just ensure you have set a realistic goal that will not stress you out and not lead to 3 hour workouts 7 days per week and not eating as this is not healthy lol.  Know that you look amazing the way you are and if you manage to drop a few inches the healthy way before your wedding that's an added bonus! 

If You Only Have One Month Before the Wedding, What Would You Recommend?

I recommend strength training 2-3 times per week and trying to get 1-2 steady state cardio workouts in each week also (walking, jogging, biking etc...) for at least 30 minutes.  Drinking lot's of water each day (minimum 2-3 litres), eat healthy food 80% of the day and 20% other foods, limit alcohol to once per week, and try to get 10,000 steps per day.  Last but not least, don't stress and get your sleep (7-8 hours!)!!! Try your best to not stress too much about your big day and de-prioritize sleep, as stress and lack of sleep will increase cortisol levels in your body which will have a diverse effect on your fat loss goal.

Is It Worth Investing in a Personal Trainer?

Yes, at least for an initial consult.  I believe there is so much information out there online that it can be confusing when trying to figure out the best way to get started on a weight loss journey.  I truly believe that it is important to at least have one session with a personal training to get a program made personally for you, set out a plan on how you are going to reach your goals, and have someone to hold you accountable to your goals.  I have been a personal trainer for 14 years and have trained many brides to look their best leading up to their wedding day, without having to go on starvation diets.  I offer both in person and online personal training and truly believe it's worth the investment to hire someone to help you be the most effective with whatever time you have left before your big day.  A trainer will help you with meal planning, personalized workouts made just to help YOU reach your goals, and of course be a source of support/therapy as you get closer to your big day.

Notes of Advice

As someone who has been married before, I speak from experience when I say DON'T STRESS TOO MUCH!  Yes it is a big day, but if you are only stressing about what you are going to look like on your big day, you wont get to enjoy the journey.  I personally made a point to enjoy each and every experience of planning my wedding as I knew (and hoped) that this would be the only time I get to do a cake testing, try on dresses, pick a venue, design a reception etc. etc.  Soak it all in, find a way to fit more exercise into your day, eat healthy most of the time, and on the big day.

"ENJOY EVERY MOMENT!  YOU WILL LOOK BEAUTIFUL NO MATTER WHAT, especially in your husbands eyes!! " - Michelle Roots

If you are looking for a personal trainer for your wedding or just in general, look no further than the best of the best at

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