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The Motion Books - Revolutionizing the wedding industry one moment at a time.

The Motion Books

What are The Motion Books?

The Motion Books are an innovative new way to relive the stories that matter most.

Designed to preserve your special videos, The Motion Books bring together premium quality materials and timeless appeal for a customizable video book you’ll always keep on display.

Simply open the video book, and your videos come to life instantly!

Beautifully bound in linen, The Motion Books feature a gorgeous 7” IPS display, 4GB memory and built-in speakers. With a rechargeable battery, it’s always ready for you to relive your memorable moment.

The Motion Books

Are they Easy for Everyone to Use?

Whether you are tech savvy or not, you will find that The Motion Books are very easy to use and enjoy. Simply open your video book and your videos are conveniently ready to be enjoyed .

Loading your videos onto The Motion Books is simple as well. On our website you will see that we offer to preload online versions of your videos prior to shipping them out to you so that your video book is ready to play as soon as you receive it. You also have the option to upload your own videos onto The Motion Books simply by connecting the video book to any computer using the provided USB cable and dragging and dropping files. Once your videos have been uploaded onto your video book, they are ready to play and enjoy. Prioritizing convenience, The Motion Books does not require any wires, internet access, or software downloads.

The Motion Books

Can We Buy them for Anniversary Gifts?

Featuring a timeless design and personalized covers, The Motion Books are the perfect gift for any occasion. Give one to your spouse as an anniversary gift and let them relive those special moments from your wedding day. Or thank the ones who made your day! Your parents and grandparents will be blown away by this innovative new way to enjoy their fondest family memories.

The Motion Books

Can We Customize the Cover?

The Motion Books gives you options to choose your own book title for a unique and custom video book, whether its your names or a meaningful phrase.

The Motion Books

Where Do You Ship?

The Motion Books ships worldwide and offers free ground shipping on all orders over $85 in the continental United States (We have shipped to Canada, UK, Australia and Europe!)

The Motion Books

Can You Record Other Events?

The Motion Books are video books that can be used to preserve any special moment in your life! Relive your birthdays, family vacations, holidays, baby gender reveals, anniversaries, or any other meaningful occasions with a personalized video book that you’ll be proud to keep on display.

Interested in preserving your own special moment? Check out The Motion Books website here:


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