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Under the Sea inspired by 'The Little Mermaid Wedding': The Pipe Shop

See our beautiful Under the Sea theme that actually inspired a real wedding! This 'Little Mermaid' theme was truly magical.

The Little Mermaid Wedding

Our very own "Ariel" wore a beautiful dusty blue gown designed by Hannah Tikkanen inspired by the Sea featured at none other than the incredible Pipe Shop in North Vancouver. This is the perfect venue for anyone looking to have an open, naturally well-lit space for their wedding with an industrial modern vibe.

The Little Mermaid Wedding

The place settings were each set onto a gold painted leaf instead of using chargers to give a natural look to the table. Pearl white satin napkins to represent the gem of the Sea but knotted for a casual vibe. Pieces of sea glass were placed inside the table for a dimensional effect. Gold flatware brought the look together along with the gold embossed stationery for that special touch.

The Little Mermaid Wedding

This perfect headpiece, ring and earrings were provided by Luxia Jewellery. One of a kind and absolutely on point for this look. Of course we added a 'Dinglehopper' to add a "not-so-subtle" nod to the movie behind our inspiration. P.S. Brides! If you are planning a gown change, do it right before your grand entrance! It's a great way to get comfortable for the dance floor as well as surprise your guests.

The Little Mermaid Wedding

Joyce Ng, cake designer at Cakes in a Box created pink hued waves made from rice paper , flowing down a dusty blue frosted cake and it was nothing short of spectacular.

The Little Mermaid Wedding

One of our favourite stationery designers is Violet Grey Creative. They create anything from seating chart displays, to table numbers and custom place cards. The work never disappoints! Sometimes couples love to DIY their stationery, and that's great but something to keep in mind is to try and keep it all consistent. You can see here the invitation, RSVP, place card and menu all match keeping the theme forefront and centre. It leaves your guests with a fantastic keepsake!

The Little Mermaid Wedding

Jasmine Hoffman converted 90's Ariel's classic look into a more modern and elegant mermaid look, using light pinks with blue undertones to keep the consistency through the theme while also adding a pop of glamour to the look.

The Little Mermaid Wedding

Loosely gathered bouquets are here to stay! Bride's are staying away from the old traditional pom pom of tightly bunched roses and opting for a bouquet with movement that can be pictured at any angle. The last thing you want to worry about on your wedding day is how you hold your bouquet for photos!

The Little Mermaid Wedding

Ariel is usually barefoot in the sand and water but when she's not she is wearing some very comfortable Rescue Flats! Seriously though, when you and your bridesmaids kick off your heels at 10:00pm, you'll be wanting a pair of these beautiful shoes! Purchase them here.

Lavish Liquid provided an amazing cocktail to pair perfectly with our blue hued glasses. Truffles Fine Foods created stunning dishes that looked as good as they tasted! (and yes, we all wolfed these tasty foods down after the shoot).

The Little Mermaid Wedding

Ellssi Rentals and Petalino Flower Bar went all out for this one! Flowers and branches that resembled coral were placed underneath the glass table. To any brides wanting to kick it up a notch at your head table, this is a great option. Place more florals underneath the table and have a few bud vases on top - this allows you to have more table space as well as have a unique look to your reception.

Backdrops are really popular right now! couples love getting a canvas or board behind their table to add an almost "studio" feel to their photos.

A few more photos of this flowy ocean-esque gown because it's just that gorgeous! There are a lot of brides that no longer want the structured ballgown, but a flowing princess style which is very in. The one shoulder look really adds a subtle abstract look and makes it look just slightly less formal.


The Bridal Bar

The Pipe Shop

Simply Sweet Photography

Petalino Flower Bar

Ellssi Rentals

MV Decor

Violet Grey Creative

Cakes in a Box

Truffles Fine Foods

Lavish Liquid

Hannah Tikannen

Luxia Jewellery

Jasmine Hoffman

Rescue Flats

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