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Cherished Traditions, Timeless Love: Rachel and Leke's Wedding Bliss

Love blossomed beautifully for Rachel and Leke in Vancouver, culminating in a wedding day that was as unique as their love story. As preferred vendors at The Cecil House, The Bridal Bar had the privilege of witnessing and orchestrating the magic of Rachel and Leke's special day, blending Chinese and Nigerian influences seamlessly to create an unforgettable celebration.


Let the Festivities Begin!

The day began with a traditional Chinese ceremony in the iconic Solarium at The Cecil House, where Rachel and Leke honoured their heritage amidst the serene beauty of the venue's grounds. The picturesque setting provided the perfect backdrop for cherished moments and timeless photographs, capturing the essence of their love against a backdrop of natural splendour.

Following the heartfelt ceremony, the couple engaged their guests in traditional Chinese games, infusing joy and laughter into the festivities and breaking the ice with warmth and camaraderie. As the day unfolded, Rachel and Leke embarked on a beautiful journey. Leke's choice of a brooch added a touch of UK flair to his ensemble, reflecting his impeccable taste and individual style.


Flawless Execution

Despite a minor floral mishap, expertly averted by The Bridal Bar's swift intervention, the day proceeded flawlessly, with every detail meticulously curated to perfection. From the regal allure of the King Louis Chairs to the enchanting ambiance of the Washington Chairs, every element of the ceremony and reception exuded elegance and sophistication, a testament to Rachel and Leke's discerning vision and unwavering commitment to excellence.


Tradition Takes Centre Stage

The reception was a dazzling affair, infused with the vibrant energy of Nigerian tradition as Rachel and Leke graced the dance floor with a traditional Nigerian-style dance, enveloped in a shower of blessings and well-wishes from their guests—a symbolic gesture of love and prosperity that resonated deeply with all in attendance.


An Atmosphere of Love

Amidst a sea of stunning white florals and glowing lights, Rachel and Leke celebrated their union with grace and joy, savouring every moment of their enchanting soirée. From the exquisite wedding cake, a true masterpiece in its own right, to the effervescent champagne that flowed freely, every detail reflected their love story, woven with threads of tradition and modernity.


Your Dream Wedding Awaits

For couples embarking on their journey of love and matrimony, The Bridal Bar offers not just impeccable coordination and execution but also invaluable guidance and support every step of the way. From the initial consultation to the final farewell, The Bridal Bar ensures that every detail is thoughtfully curated, allowing couples to embrace the magic of their special day with confidence and joy.

If you're ready to embark on the journey of a lifetime and create memories that will last forever, contact The Bridal Bar today. Let us help you bring your dream wedding to life! 





Planning: The Bridal Bar  

Catering: Sage

Floral: MV Decor

Decor: MV Decor

King Louis Chair Rentals: Bespoke Decor

Photographer: iamjohnyooweddings

Ice Cream Cart: Earnest Ice Cream

Photo Booth: Vancity Photo Booth

String Quartet: Jennifer Moersch

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