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The Bridal Bar Team

Together, Co-Founders Gelareh Matheson and Samantha Rose created The Bridal Bar and its incredible team. Both of these established and experienced female entrepreneurs wanted to design a "one-stop shop" for brides. A place where couples didn't have to contact multiple vendors for all of their wedding needs and The Bridal Bar is that solution!

Since the beginning, we’ve committed ourselves to creating impactful and creative experiences for our clients and their guests, no matter the size of the event. Our team strives to meet and exceed the needs of everyone involved. This is because we understand the importance of working with our clients in order to make their events unforgettable, forging memories that last long after the last guest leaves.

Meet & Greet

Pictures can only say so much! If you would like to meet with one of our coordinators via online or in person, contact us to set up your personal meeting with us.


Just click the link below to set up your Meet & Greet.

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