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Valentine's Day Wedding Vibes at Cecil House

While most choose red roses for this day of love, we decided to change it up and opt for something a little different - Peach! Cecil House is the perfect venue for any wedding and we wanted to bring a little Valentine's Day love to this beautiful space.

Valentine's Day Wedding at Cecil House

First things first, can we just take a minute to admire this gown from Bisou Bridal? Even if glitz 'n' glam isn't your thing - you have to admit that this is one jaw dropping ballgown!

Valentine's Day Wedding at Cecil House

These gorgeous peach roses definitely give the "I'm my own Valentine" vibe. When choosing your wedding flowers, remember that certain flowers have meanings as do their colours. This is of course a more traditional approach and if you're a free spirit who wants a flower because it looks pretty or because it's within your budget then no one is stopping you!

Valentine's Day Wedding at Cecil House

Have you ever been to the Cecil House? If you have then you will know two things; 1. The Cecil House is an iconic Vancouver venue, absolutely perfect for weddings because of it's own historic beauty - no pipe and drape needed. 2. The Solarium is the BEST room for photos. Most of our clients actually opt to have a Photo Booth setup in here because it's just that beautiful. Utilise your venue to the fullest potential - use every room!

Valentine's Day Wedding at Cecil House

When we ask our clients about cakes, this is what we hear: "No, I definitely don't want cake - I ate cake at a wedding when I was younger and it was disgusting". Well guess what? Cakes are not made like they were 10, 20 years ago! From naked cakes, to buttercream frosting, and other lighter (and really good tasting) options are widely used now. 90's thick sugary sweet inedible cakes are completely out! This also includes sugar free, dairy free options - you name it.

So get the full experience of your wedding planning, do the cake tasting, choose your flavours - because yes, cakes are back. Even if you don't want a 5 tier, a cake just for the couple or just for the head table is ALL you need. So in other words, let them eat cake!

Valentine's Day Wedding at Cecil House

Hair and makeup was done by the fabulous Jasmine Hoffman. She hits it out of the park every. single. time. - and looks good doing it!

Valentine's Day Wedding at Cecil House

It just wouldn't be a Valentine's Day shoot without a little boudoir!


The Bridal Bar

Cecil Green Park House

Simply Sweet Photography

Jasmine Hoffman

MV Decor

Cassandra Cake Co

Bisou Bridal

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