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Meet Clifford: Iridia Medical's Big Red Covid-19 Testing Unit!

Why Should I Consider Testing?

Iridia Medical has been involved in the testing of non-symptomatic individuals since the summer of 2020 being one of the largest testing groups in the province since that time. Antigen testing does a great job of identifying people that are currently infectious. Recently, we have launched our new mobile antigen testing unit, Clifford, that is available to come to any location in the Lower Mainland for added peace of mind for those looking to gather again.

How Fast are the Results?

Individual results are ready in as little as 15 minutes, and we arrange for several testers to be onsite to manage large groups.

Will there be Discretion for Positive Cases?

For anyone that tests positive, we will discretely inform them of their result, and collect a second sample that is advanced to a laboratory for a confirmatory positive test.  While we await those results, the guest will be guided to isolate at home, and we will answer any questions they may have.  When the confirmatory test comes back, a member of our clinical team will connect directly with the guest to advise them of the result and guide them accordingly.

What is Your Testing Process?

Our process works in the following way:

1. We screen all individuals as we only conduct testing for non-symptomatic individuals.

2. Ensure all individuals being tested sign our form to collect consent

3. Iridia’s tester will then administer the COVID test on the individual.

a. Our COVID tests differ in that they are non-invasive and occur at the distal end of the

nose, similar to a Q-tip.

4. Our testers conduct the antigen test (~15 minutes), the result is put on the form and is given to the individual.

5. If there is a positive test, the positive protocol above is followed.

How Do I Book Clifford for My Wedding?

To arrange to book Clifford, this can be done at the link here or you can contact us at 604-685-4747 ext. 217 and an Iridian representative will address your needs. For an overview of all of the services that Iridia Medical provides for COVID-19 testing and support, including testing done at a dedicated site located conveniently in Vancouver, can all be found at

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