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Invitation Insights

Many decisions are involved with wedding invitations, and so many questions! Style? Timing? Wording? There is a lot to consider. Read on for our advice breakdown on what to consider before buying and sending out your wedding day invites.

To Save the Date or Not to Save the Date?

Some say 'Saves' are vital to their wedding attendance, while others think they just aren't necessary. Of course you have to take a few things into consideration before deciding on this. How many people do you have coming? If you have a micro wedding or a pop-up wedding then you may be able to just use your online wedding website to provide your intimate group with the main details, and that a formal invitation will soon follow. If you have a large guest count, you definitely want to consider sending 'Saves', especially if you have your wedding during high season and/or on a Saturday. Chances are that people will have a few other weddings to attend around the same time. Another benefit of sending these handy cards out, would be to learn of some early RSVPs, some guests may already be able to give you a response before the formal invite arrives!


You may be thinking about the style you want and have a vision of what your invites should look like. There are a lot of options! While there are many choices, here are some tips to narrow down your selection. First thing to consider, where is your venue? Local weddings can usually fit all of their information on one card, however destination weddings may need a three-fold style to fit in all of the details for the trip! Second, what style is your venue? Just like your dress, the invitation should give a nod to your wedding location. If your wedding is in a formal ballroom, take a look at the more formal styles of invitations such as laser cut, white lattice style with the double front opening. If your wedding is a little more casual and backyard garden style, try a more laid back approach such as a one page card with a nice texture or colour pop accent. You can even opt for the no envelope seal + sends! Whatever your wedding style, the invitation should be a reflection of the tone you're trying to set.


Rule of thumb is typically for your wedding invitations to match your overall wedding theme. If you don't know what that is yet, and your Save the Dates are due to be sent, then these can be made up in a classic wedding colour of white or a shade of ivory. As you get closer to the invitation deadline, you'll have more of an idea of what your wedding theme will be and then you can really start to match everything together. Some brides get brave with using colours such as black which represents sophistication and formality. Pink is another popular colour for weddings today, giving a calming sense of romance and love. Whichever colours, shades and accents you consider, choose one that reflects you and your partner, as well as your wedding vibe.


There are some rules regarding the context for wedding invitations of what you write, and how you write it. You can stick to the classic, traditional and/or formal ways of writing, or you can have some fun with it and write something casual in a fun font. Some couples are suited to the laid back invite style and others are more into keeping it formal. As always, keep your theme in mind. If you are hosting a formal lavish wedding, then you should refrain from using casual slang in your invites.

If you have a wedding symbol or monogram that you've made, together then place that on the header front and centre. Below the monogram, the hosts should always be mentioned first on the invite. If the brides parents are paying, then they will be the first ones listed. If the couple is footing the bill, then they, themselves will be listed as the hosts! The couples names will be mentioned beneath the hosts, and the details are next. Some couples use numerical values when writing the time and date, again if you are being formal it is best to stick with the traditional way and write out the numbers instead. Use eighteen instead of writing 18. It is a much more elegant way to put down your wedding information.

Post ceremony details (reception info) can be written just beneath the ceremony details. This is where you can put in finer details such as "Formal reception to follow" or "casual cocktail hour to follow". You can let your guests know at this time that such things like kids are not really attending, if you are having an "adult only reception" or what style of dress they should wear to your event and all of the little things.


How do you want your guests to tell you that they will be attending? A formal invitation should have a formal response card in the envelope. Any casual invites can contain a more laid back RSVP style such as an email address, a wedding website and for some even a Facebook page will do the trick. Many couples who have the mail RSVP cards prefer to pay postage so as to not appear frugal to their guests! A great tip is to include a stamp on the return envelope (and the address) for the guests that you are sure will mail back to you, such as your grandparents and most of the older generation attendees. If you include a stamp for everyone, the cost can really add up! The formal response cards can also include a wedding email for the younger generations to respond to just in case they aren't keen on the post option. This is also a good opportunity to ask your guests to return their response with any information about their allergies or special dietary restrictions if they have any. They can also add any other little notes for anything else they may need such as a high chair or other small specifics.

Final Notes

This information is only the beginning for wedding invitations! There are so many options out there for every bride to be. There's reception cards, activity cards, and even Plan B information in case it rains! There are also plus ones to consider, does everyone get one? Do you only let the married couples have a plus one? The list goes on. The best people to ask for your wedding invitation advice would be your custom invite shop and your wedding planner. They will definitely have insight in what you need to suit your wedding theme.

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