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Introducing: The Bridal Bar

The Merger of Samantha Rose Weddings and Petalino Flower Bar

Our Story: In the beginning Samantha Rose and Gelareh Matheson owned separate companies. They started by connecting couples with amazing floral and great planning services. Soon they clicked and couldn't stop calling each other at least 5 times a day!

"It is so rare to meet someone organically and just form such a strong connection of trust and common goals". - Samantha Rose

The pair continued to work together on weddings and came to the realisation that they had all of the same goals in common: To create a one stop shop for brides!

"We had so much in common instantly. We finish each other's thoughts and build on our ideas together. It just made sense to put our heads together and support one another on this journey". - Gelareh Matheson

So that is exactly what happened! Samantha and Gelareh created The Bridal Bar. It took absolutely forever to come up with the name but they eventually decided on a casual fun name that said it all!

The pair solidified their partnership, created the logo and brought their idea to life. The Bridal Bar is a place where couples can come for every need. Vendor Recommendations, Venue Sourcing, Planning, and last but not least - GIFTS & SUPPLIES!

"I found a lot of my clients were struggling with finding gifts online either with quality not being as promised, or not getting their orders in on time. It was just always a guessing game". - Samantha Rose

The Bridal Bar is not only a place for wedding services, but a place to come with your bride tribe and hang out, have a drink, whether it be champagne or coffee and just plan your wedding!

"We've already done some amazing projects together and we"re just getting started..." - Gelareh Matheson

Photo by Simply Sweet Photography, Dress by Hannah Tikkanen

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