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GourmetGab: Customizing to your taste

1.) What is Unique About a 'GourmetGab Events by Pertu'?

What really sets us apart is that everything about our events is bespoke, the word used in England to describe something made exactly to your specifications.

We offer:

  • Unique multi-course menus that are never repeated. (Yes - your wedding menu would be one-of-a-kind!)

  • Fine Dining menus designed by Michelin-trained Head Chef Gabrielle LeGuerrier who, before creating this business, was Sous Chef to Her Majesty the Queen of England and a chef instructor at The Jamie Oliver Cookery School.

  • Expertly paired fine wines with your meal by European Sommelier Gábor Bodo who studied wine in the UK and trained as a cocktail mixologist at some of London’s most posh locations.

2.) How Do You Create Bespoke Menus and Cocktails?

We consider everything: from your most loved ingredients, most memorable food or drink experiences, favourite cuisine and, of course, your very own theme.

  • For your multi-course menu no style of cuisine or dietary requirement is off limits. While the menus may change, our high standard of service and food remains exactly the same at every event. All menus we design have incredibly bold flavours, beautiful presentation, and the freshest ingredients. We gather key information from you and then create two unique menus, as well as wine-pairing groupings for you to choose from.

  • Our delicious made-to-order cocktails include your most-loved spirits and mixers or we can create surprise drinks from your spirits selections - garnished with your favourite flower and named after the place you first met!

3.) Can You Cater More than Just my Wedding?

Absolutely! We do private dining events for Bachelor or Bachelorette parties, wedding showers, rehearsal dinners, or even honeymoon events. We often get asked to create surprise events or surprise touches for the guests of honour.

4.) Where Do You Offer Your Services?

We cater Canada! We are currently based in Halifax, Nova Scotia and frequently cater to the Atlantic provinces, but GourmetGab Events by Pertu can come to you anywhere in Canada. We create events outdoors or indoors, at home or at your chosen venue (provided the venue allows outside caterers). We are willing to travel to any Province or Territory to create a personalized and romantic fine dining experience.

Meet Chef Gabrielle LeGuerrier

Chef LeGuerrier and her husband/business partner Gabor Le Sommelier have teamed up to make an unstoppable duo in the catering industry with GourmeGab. Fit for the queen is all the qualification you'll need to know that they are right for your event. Just in case it isn't, check out their website here:

Photos courtesy of Evan McMaster:

© Photographer Evan McMaster 2021


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