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A Charming New Westminster Wedding

A beautiful wedding in New Westminster with stunning Burgundy accents.

Always get pictures of the details! A lot of brides skip this part but they make the most beautiful photos. Take pictures of the shoes you chose for your wedding day, the perfume you chose and especially your jewellery. This bride got a shot of her perfume and shoes with her lace gown as the perfect accent.

The ceremony was so moving.. The couple used Ellssi Rentals for the design of their special day with floral from Lois Keane Flowers. They chose a classic gold circle arch for the backdrop with accents in the floral matching the bridesmaids gowns - Perfection!

It's all in the details.. The venue provided a larger table than expected for the cake so our team repurposed some leftover floral onto the cake table to fill it up and add some more colour. The signage was doubled onto the arch, and yes we ALWAYS travel with tape just in case. We taped the two poster boards together from the back to resolve the concern. The arch was definitely the most amazing piece in the room, which was later moved behind the couple to repurpose it for photos.

The couple went to a park to take their cocktail hour photos with friends and family. They had the perfect lighting and the right amount of shade to make these photos outstanding. Pro Tip: Don't go too far for your cocktail hour photos if you can help it.

The party got started right after the couple left for their photos. Some couples debate serving food during their cocktail hour. It is always a good idea to do so, especially if you have speeches right after! A good way to save though? Serve a soft bar for the cocktail hour. Beer and wine only will keep people relatively sober until dinner as well as save you on liquor costs.

The party continued after the couple shared a breathtaking first dance. Everyone had an amazing time - and that's all anyone really wants!



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